The Holiday

Film Reviews

16 things you didn't know about The Holiday

Which scenes were improvised?Which cast member did Kate Winslet have an off-screen romance with?

Four Weddings And A Funeral
Four Weddings and a Funeral sequel confirmed

And the original cast members are back

Rupert Grint thought about quitting Harry Potter on numerous occasions
Rupert Grint thought about quitting Harry Potter

Can you imagine if Ron Weasley just disappeared?!

Mandy Moore had a private 'boho' wedding

This was not at all your traditional ceremony

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Second Act
Jennifer Lopez's new film Second Act looks so incredibly good

Plus, 26 other movies to get excited about this year

7 actors who chose truly terrible movies over great ones

What was Emily Blunt thinking?!

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19 of Meghan Markle’s most talked-about TV And film roles

Remember when she starred opposite Robert Pattinson?

The feminist films of 2018 you need to watch
The future of cinema looks bright for women
Is this super simple trick how Reese Witherspoon makes 42 look like 25?
We think we've figured out the secret to her youthful glow...
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HBO made Sex and the City cut this 'horrifying' scene
'I can’t believe we even thought about doing it'
Anne Hathaway says she's been 'shamed and humiliated'
She recently had to deny being pregnant after gaining weight for a role