Sligachan brige, Isle of Skye, Highland, UK
Coorie is the new Hygge

It's about simplicity and balance

Lunchtime Shopping Spree: Manuka Honey

A little pot full of magical medicinal properties

How to tell the difference between feeling sad and being depressed
How to know if you're just sad or depressed

They're both valid experiences, but they're very different.

5 common myths about migraines debunked

Here’s the expert advice you need to know about…

Life advice, wellbeing tips and thoughts on life, family and relationships from the cleverest people we know.
Red for Rituals How To Balance Super Hectic Life
7 ways I balance my super hectic life

Red's Senior Beauty Editor shares her tried and trusted techniques

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Lunchtime shopping spree: flu-fighting echinacea

The one purchase you need to make today

10 things you need to know about your hymen

It doesn't magically disappear after you have sex.

Can CBD oil help manage anxiety?

Meg Mathews tries it for 21 days and finds out

Life advice from celebrities 
20 pieces of advice to live by from inspirational women we know

From some of the most inspirational women we know

Lunchtime shopping spree: Holistic Silk Lavender Eye Mask

Slip this lavender filled mask on before bed and enjoy stress-free slumber

16 signs your thyroid is out of whack

Your thyroid can mess with your weight, skin, energy, and more.

Thoughtful woman drinking coffee at window seat in home office
How I finally learned to accept my body

Body confidence was something I wrote about but rarely practised myself

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Prince William
Prince William opens up about his mental health

"I took a lot home without realising it"

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Green leaves of medicinal cannabis with extract oil
What is CBD oil? The uses, benefits and risks

Cannabidiol comes from the cannabis plant, and has a wealth of health benefits

Eating to improve sex life
Could this diet make you want sex?

Could what you eat have a positive effect on your sex life? A Red writer road tests the new libido diet

This simple test tells you how old your heart is

Experts are urging over 30s to take the test – and most of us are failing it

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