red for nspcc running for charity


5 things I want you to know about charity running

...that are nothing to do with running

how to exercise when pregnant
How to workout when you're pregnant

Follow our expert guide at home

How to burn more calories EVERY day


10 ways to start training for your first marathon

From finding your happy place to nutrition

Motivational running tips from a celebrity trainer

Struggling to get moving? Matt Roberts is here to help

When it comes to exercise, you’re only going to keep doing it if you absolutely love it. Be inspired by our favourite workouts, exercise class reviews, fitness experts and kit to keep you stylish at the gym.
Fancy yourself a runner? Here are some tips to get you started

Maybe even sign up for that race you've been thinking about...

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I tried to make my friend love running, and this is why

'The reason is simple; because I had once hated running too'

Can you really lose weight with yoga? We find out

If this is your favourite way to move, then here's the inside track

A day in the life of: the founder of a running community

Follow Mel Bound from waking up to winding down

Woman walking
This is how many steps you need to take to burn fat

It's all about quality, not quantity

The 3 best exercises to help depression
The 3 best exercises to help depression

Try these three activities for their amazing mental-health benefits

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What it's really like being a prima ballerina absoluta

Follow Alessandra Ferri from waking up to winding down

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Meghan Markle pilates 
We tried Meghan Markle’s favourite workout

The megaformer is as intense as it sounds

fitness motivation
Exercise: 5 ways to stay motivated

The tips we all need right now