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Boost sex life
The best way to boost your sex life?

Hint: it has nothing to do with being more active, or willing to discuss feelings

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Weak pelvic floor? This is what you need to know

It affects the lives of a third of women worldwide, Meg Mathews explains how to help strengthen a weak pelvic floor

how to communicate with your partner
How to communicate with your partner

"Our marriage has gone from one where we were ‘doing our best’ to one where we both feel liberated and more connected"

Best quotes about love

Inspirational thoughts on love from some of our favourite women...

How to give an erotic massage 
How to give an erotic massage

Rub someone up the *right* way this Valentine's Day

how does your discharge change during your cycle
How your discharge changes and what it really means

Yep, your menstrual cycle affects this, too

laura jane williams on sex and masturbation
Laura Jane Williams on sex, masturbation and being your own best lover

'Run a bath. Touch yourself. Take note of what feels good.'

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What your headache is trying to tell you - Women's Health UK
7 things your morning headache is trying to tell you

Got that low-level throb, again?

An open ‘I’m sorry' letter to my boyfriend

Because love means always having to say you’re sorry

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5 reasons people fall in love at first sight

Turns out it's not too late to fall in love before Valentine's Day

"I went on a technology-free nature retreat to reboot my marriage"

Both emotionally exhausted from a tough year, we hoped going off grid would help our relationship.

Meghan Markle pilates 
We tried Meghan Markle’s favourite workout

The megaformer is as intense as it sounds

How to find the best sleep position for you - Women's Health UK
How To Find The Best Sleep Position For You

Smash those eight hours

fitness motivation
Exercise: 5 ways to stay motivated

The tips we all need right now

Could you be having better orgasms?

One writer gets 'in touch with herself' at a pleasure workshop to find out just that

This is why you should be adding mushrooms to your coffee

Powdered reishi mushroom promises to give you more energy and improve your sleep

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