The essential guide to the latest hair ideas and hairstyle trends from the Red beauty team. With tips from top stylists and industry experts, you can rest assured that your new look will be easy to achieve and stress-free.
shampoo for hair growth 
Want your hair to grow faster? This is what you need to look out for on your shampoo bottle

Rapunzel locks are in, here's how to ensure you're not sabotaging yours

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Julia Roberts' new tousled hair is super short but we love it

It's so good, other celebs are fangirling her new hair on Instagram.

hair brushing myth
Does brushing your hair regularly really make it stronger?

We've been sticking to our 100 strokes a day, so is it actually helping?

coloured haircare questions
The 5 most googled questions about caring for coloured hair

For example, how do you really stop blonde hair from going yellow?

Great hair
This is how to have a good hair day every day

Because we can't all have a glam squad on speed dial

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grey hair care
Embracing grey hair? Real or fake, we've got the products that will help you celebrate your silver

People are growing out their natural grey hair and letting that silver shine through

Cate Blanchett goes from blonde to brunette
Cate Blanchett goes brunette

The actress debuted a striking hair transformation at the BAFTAs

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How I found my perfect blonde

One writer finds the holy grail of golden locks

hairdresser does a haircut with scissors of hair to a young girl
Fancy a new haircut? Here's what style will suit you

Your face shape has a lot to do with it