consistent exercise


In a workout funk? Here's how to get out of it

In a workout funk? Here's how to get out of it

Meghan Markle pilates 
We tried Meghan Markle’s favourite workout

The megaformer is as intense as it sounds

fitness motivation
Exercise: 5 ways to stay motivated

The tips we all need right now

Weekend workouts are 'as good as daily exercise'

Science, did we ever tell you how much we love you?

Why everyone needs an office gym ball

Work your abs as you, well... work

When it comes to exercise, you’re only going to keep doing it if you absolutely love it. Be inspired by our favourite workouts, exercise class reviews, fitness experts and kit to keep you stylish at the gym.
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How micro workouts could revolutionise your fitness regime

According to Ellie Goulding's personal trainer

louise parker exercise plan
The Louise Parker Method workout

Just do a little every day

beginners running tip
You've been running wrong your whole life

Yes, this is why you hate it so much

8 ways to maximise your workout

It's quality not quantity

Barre for beginners
5 barre moves for beginners you can do at home

Work your entire body from your living room

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Swimming for weight loss: How it works and which stroke burns the most calories

The enjoyable exercise can burn a surpriing amount of fat

Why too much exercise can actually prevent weight loss

Does that mean I can cancel my spin class?

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Lunchtime Shopping Spree: my favourite underwear to workout in

They're not sexy but my god are they comfortable

5 household items that will help you keep fit over Christmas

Because let's face it, our gym membership is going to stay firmly in our top drawer

barry's bootcamp, barrys bootcamp, treadmill workout
Everything you should know before your first Barry’s Bootcamp class

LA’s super sweaty class isn’t for the faint hearted. Here’s what you need to know

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