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7 'hangover cures' a doctor says aren't actually helpful at all

If you thought taking paracetamol was a good idea, you were wrong.

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Fitness Group Chatting Before City Run
These are the hottest fitness trends hitting the UK in 2019

Think wellness festivals and sports bras with sensors

Is it possible to catch the same cold twice?
Is it actually possible to catch the same cold twice?

It certainly feels like you can when you've been ill for about 7 weeks

The ultimate compatibility test: 8 questions to assess your relationship

Are you and your partner well suited?

10 tips to side step cold and flu season

Dr Roger Henderson shares his advice on side stepping the sniffles.

winter, hot drink, cold
5 things a nutritionist does every winter

Banish the flu and survive the freezing cold with this useful advice.

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ways to control anxiety
5 ways to stop anxiety taking over your day

From someone who has to do it

What your frequent sex dreams really mean, according to an expert

And they do signify something...

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Water Retention
9 really common causes of water retention

It's not only your period that can cause your tummy to swell

self-care candle guide
The simple act of self-care that actually works

Which is particularly good news this time of year!

 how to know if you need more vitamin d 
The 5 skin signs that mean you're lacking Vitamin D

This time of year it can get particularly low

Scared of lifting weights? This is the gym class for you

A confidence-boosting weights class that'll have you deadlifting like a pro

‘I lost 111 pounds on the Keto Diet without going to the gym’

'Nothing ever stuck for me until I tried keto'

Why you've got more chance of catching norovirus this year than last year
Why you've got more chance of catching norovirus this year than last year

Plus everything you need to know about stopping the spread of the winter vomiting bug.

period pain, menstrual cramps
Two ways winter can disrupt your periods

It's not just your mood that gets messed with when it's cold and dark

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