The best tweets of election night

Sorry Paxman, Dimbleby, Bradby – all the real action is happening on Twitter.

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We don't know about the result (despite what the current predictions would have us believe), but we predict it's going to be a long morning.

As much as we love the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, we've got our eyes glued to Twitter, and for good reason – more people tweeted about the Election than the Royal Baby, sorry K-Middy. 

No time delays, these are our favourite #GE2015 tweets of the night so far...

Q's mounting : Will @BorisJohnson be PM by 2019? Will there be Euro referendum? who will lead Labour and Lib Dems?

— Krishnan Guru-Murthy (@krishgm) May 8, 2015


Boris tucking into a red bull

— Bryony Gordon (@bryony_gordon) May 8, 2015


It's over. @Ed_Miliband didn't formally concede defeat but his face and his reference to "a very disappointing & difficult night" did

— Nick Robinson (@bbcnickrobinson) May 8, 2015


Not even close! What was I thinking!? #UK2015GeneralElectionResultsLiveStitch

— Tom Katsumi (@tomkatsumi) May 8, 2015


Nick Clegg's official spokesman says Clegg will outline future plans "in a few hours". Does not dampen speculation Clegg will quit #GE2015

— Kamal Ahmed (@bbckamal) May 8, 2015

— SerialSockThief (@serialsockthief) May 8, 2015


Fascinating how strongly Cameron made a pitch for Union at end of his does what work with 50 SNP MP s?

— Laura Kuenssberg (@bbclaurak) May 8, 2015


Danny Alexander (LD and Chief Secretary to the Treasury) has lost his seat to the SNP.

— Jack Monroe (@MsJackMonroe) May 8, 2015


Top tip, election watchers: go to bed now, set alarm for 2, skip all the people speculating wildly on the basis of three seats. #ge2015

— Gaby Hinsliff (@gabyhinsliff) May 7, 2015


Whoever gets in, better make it easier to vote.

— Gemma Cairney (@gemcairn) May 7, 2015


Britain has 100 per cent women MPs #GE0215 at 11.18pm May 7th 2015

— Jane Garvey (@janegarvey1) May 7, 2015


@KirstieMAllsopp Bounty bar down the hatch right now but I'd better watch out as #paxo is rather partial to them

— Cathy Newman (@cathynewman) May 7, 2015


#GE2015 To be a fly on the walls of this house! Curtains closed, lights on at @Ed_Miliband's house

— Paul Harrison (@SkyNewsEditor) May 7, 2015


If these #ExitPolls are right I will be leaving first thing tomorrow to live out the rest of my natural life somewhere like The Maldives

— Amanda Lamb (@missamandalamb) May 7, 2015


When you're not doing so well, vote for a better life for yourself. If you are doing quite nicely, vote for a better life for others.

— Irvine Welsh (@IrvineWelsh) May 7, 2015


ENTIRELY confused by how David Mitchell’s sidekick on Channel 4’s alternative election show is called Jeremy. That is going to get weird.

— Christopher Phin (@chrisphin) May 7, 2015


I'll be live-stitching the election results throughout the night, so you don't even have to watch the news...

— Tom Katsumi (@tomkatsumi) May 3, 2015
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