How to do a four-minute manicure

Love a classic mani? Then you'll love this.

Max Abadian

Max Abadian

Photo credit: Max Abadian

Out with quirky nails, in with... A classic mani.

The past few years have been spent playing with a rainbow of unusual nail colours, and we've loved it - but now we're ready for a classic.

Chanel's Rouge Noir is always effortless and chic, but a major revival this season sees it return with a couple of interesting variations (we love Le Vernis Rose Fusion) and even a full range of Rouge Noir make-up. 

EXPERT TIP: Rouge Noir looks best on short nails - and leave time to paint, as dark colours a) take longer to dry and b) show up blemishes more clearly. 

Two products you'll need to recreate the look:




Other new winter colours we love:


1. , £15

2. , £20.50

3. , £10

4. , £19.50

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