How to reduce plastic use in your beauty routine
It's much more simple than you think, and it makes such a difference…
How to look rested and younger
The morning hack to make you look well rested

Because sometimes you have to fake it 'til you make you

Enjoying the fresh sea air
How to spring clean your beauty routine

A guide to changing it up with the season

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ginger oil 
Ginger oil: the ingredient that's soothing our souls right now

Apparently it's the best way to use ginger as a medicine

eyelash growth serum
The unexpected benefit of lash growth serum

Yes, we all want long lashes but why else should we use this magical beauty product?

The 5 surprising beauty benefits of ginger

Could ginger be the secret to fabulous, youthful skin?

6 common hair mistakes and how to fix them

According to Queer Eye's Jonathan (AKA the queen of hair)

This is how to stop shaving rash on your bikini line once and for all

A former stripper has taken to Reddit to share her tried and tested techniques

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Which scent to choose for different occasions

AKA create the ultimate fragrance wardrobe

We asked Trinny Woodhall your burning beauty questions

The founder of Trinny London shares her top tips and beauty tricks

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Is this the answer to defeating your acne?

Meet the latest in skin science

A day in the life of: a fashion and beauty icon

Follow the founder of Trinny London from waking up to winding down

You've been applying your concealer all wrong

According to Beyoncé's MUA, Sir John.